Rendered View of campus

Use of IMAGINE Lab 3D models

Use of IMAGINE Lab 3D models

The IMAGINE Lab creates and maintains 3D models of the Georgia Tech campus and the surrounding city of Atlanta. The models are available to the Georgia Tech community for academic and research purposes. The models are used in a variety of applications. Below are examples of use. 

aerial view of the site and architectural drawings

Graduate Architecture Studio

Fred Pearsall

The IMAGINE Lab's models were used during the semester as a base and context models for architectural projects/sites. They helped inform tree canopies and tree placement on site, proximity, and size of existing buildings, and contours of the existing topography. 

A science of Fire and Ice Tech Tower

A Science Of Fire and Ice

GT Institute Communications

GT Institute Communications used IMAGINE Lab's models to create a scene for "A Science of Fire and Ice" 

The MRDC complex visualized for CFD.

CFD Simulation on urban micro climate

Yogendra Yoshi

"The IMAGINE Lab model is used in our work as a reference piece to build 3D solid fluid domain of the MRDC area to perform CFD analysis. The model area is first visualized in Autodesk Inventor (Figure 1), to find accurate dimensions and relationships between the buildings. Figure 2 illustrates the MRDC Complex built within the ENVI_MET software package."-Yogendra Yoshi

Character running through models of the GT campus

CS4455 Video Game Design

Jeff Wilson

IMAGINE Lab's models are used in the Video Game Design course to create the GT campus game environment. 

Render of a drone flying over the GT stadium

Vertical Intergrated Project Course - Experimental Flights

Michael Mayo

3D models provided by the IMAGINE Lab are used to create animation of a potential the drone delivery services for Georgia Tech campus. The completed animation shows a delivery drone flying across campus and depositing the package into delivery station that sits in froont of campus buildings.

Smart Cities Text over a render of Atlanta buildings

Techlanta Explainer Video

GT Institute Communications

IMAGINE Lab provided 3D models to help creating Techlanta Explainer Video

Architectural Renderings and drawings

Vertical Studio

Thanos A.

"We used the model provided to us by the IMAGINE Lab continuously throughout the semester to develop our buildings. Having a 3D model of the
site let us design a building that realistically relates to the site context, produce drawings with context, and allowed us to render realistic renders.
Essentially what each student did was design their building, then place it into a copy of the model given to us. We then could make changes to our
building dictated by the topography, other building heights, or if the structure of the interstate bridges deemed it necessary. Having that context
was also especially invaluable when we were cutting our sections, and explaining how our building related to the roads, bridges, and level changes."


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