ESRI License

The University System of Georgia (USG) and Environmental System Research Institute (ESRI) have entered into a site license agreement to distribute ESRI software to participating USG institutions. CGIS administers the site license for Georgia Tech departments. Under the site license ESRI software included in the license agreement can be distributed to units within Georgia Tech for installation on university owned hardware to support academic, research, and service activities. At this time, CGIS covers the license fees on behalf of Georgia Tech.  Installations on teaching labs will be given priorities and based on the need for use and certain products have restricted use constraints that prohibit use beyond class room instruction. The license does not cover personal computers of students not enrolled in GIS related courses. ESRI has a free one year student version of ArcGIS software for individual academic use, which is distributed in Introductory GIS courses taught by school of City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech. 

The following ESRI software can be requested by Georgia Tech Units:

Desktop Software Server Software

ArcGIS v.10.1 Desktop - Requires license provision codes

ArcGIS v.10.0 Desktop - Requires hardware dongle & license keycodes (Windows Platform Only)

ArcGIS v.10.1 Server Enterprise - Requires license provision codes

ArcGIS Server v.10.0 Enterprise for Windows - Requires license provision codes

ArcGIS v10.0 Workstation - Requires license provision codes

ArcGIS v.9.3 Workstation - Requires hardware dongle & license keycodes for windows platform and hardware system id based keycodes for UNIX platform

ArcGIS v.10.0 Enterprise for UNIX flavors

ArcGIS Server v.9.3 Enterprise for UNIX flavors

ArcEditor v.10.0 Single User Edition

ArcEditor v.9.3 Single User Edition - Requires authorization codes

ArcIMS 9.3 for Windows

ArcView v.10.0 Single User Edition

Arcview 9.3 Single User Version - Requires authorization codes

ArcIMS 9.3 for UNIX

ArcGIS Desktop v.10.0 SDK

ArcGIS 9.3 Developer Network (Restrictions Apply)

ArcIMS 9.3 Route Server
ArcView 3.3 & Extensions ArcIMS Gazetteer 9.3
Business Map 4.5

ArcGIS Image Server v.10.0 for Windows - - Requires license provision codes

ArcGIS Image Server 9.3 for Windows -  Requires license authorization codes

ArcPAD v.10.0

ArcPAD v.7.1

ArcSDE v.10.0 (is part of ArcGIS server at v10.0)

ArcSDE v.9.3 for Windows - Multiple RDBMS Support

MapObjects v.2.0

CGIS will handle all software media distribution, installation, licensing, and technical support. If issue can not be resolved CGIS can help log a technical support incident with ESRI for troubleshooting issues. Contact the primary site license administrator at 404-385-0900 for software install media, hardware keys, and license keycodes.