The Remote Sensing GIS-Based Asset Management System (RS-GAMS) project is a cooperative project with School of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Georgia Tech.  The project objective is to integrate advanced laser technology, image processing algorithms, and GPS/GIS technologies into an intelligent sensing system that improves roadway asset management. 

Eight research focii are set for pavement and sign assets to validate the developed sensing system:

1) asphalt pavement crack detection;
2) performance evaluation for automatic crack detection;
3) network-level rutting survey;
4) localized rutting detection;
5) evaluation of sign retro-reflectivity using LiDAR retro-intensity data;
6) automatic sign detection using image processing algorithms;
7) automatic sign detection using mobile LiDAR; and
8) development of GIS-enabled web-based sign management system.

U.S. Department of Transportation Research Innovative Technology and Administration (RITA)
Project Lead: